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    Quarry Walk Park

    Set in a quiet area of woodland the many trails within our 46 acre boundary allow
    you to fully appreciate the surrounding scenery and abundance of wildlife.

Self Catering Peak District

Getting a self-catering accommodation has many advantages when planning to go out of town. While some find it a hassle to prepare meals for themselves, catering for yourself is often more convenient than relying on a hotel or other people for your meals and is a lot cheaper.

With self-catering accommodations, you also have the freedom and more choices for food as you will not be relying on the limited amount of food and drinks the hotel can give you. It is basically like your home away from home.

Another great advantage of self-catering accommodations is you can come and go whenever you want to. You don’t have to rush or wait for hours to eat your meal at a certain time. And since it is only you and your companion, your stay is a lot quieter and more relaxing.

Looking for a self-catering accommodation to spend your weekend or holiday in Peak District? The Quarry Walk Park is the place to go. Set in a quiet area of woodland near the Peak District, we offer a wide range of self-catering accommodations with amazing features available for different sizes of groups.

Quarry Walk Park Self Catering Peak District Accommodation

The Quarry Walk Park is a 46-acre woodland that is set in the outstanding beauty of the Staffordshire Moorlands. Located near the Peak District, we have been the popular go-to accommodation for families and groups spending the weekend or holiday in the Peak District.

We have a wide range of log cabins, lodges, and glamping pods that are regularly cleaned and maintained, and have everything you need to make your stay as comfortable, convenient, and relaxing. We also have luxurious and spacious cabins and lodges with complete kitchen amenities, hot tubs, and other amazing features.

These self-catering accommodations are surrounded by abundant wildlife and scenery. We also have a variety of trails for you to hike to so you can fully appreciate the great landscape and scenery.

Travelling in a caravan or motorhome? We have a dedicated area with bathrooms and electric hook-ups available for you to park overnight.

Learn more about our self-catering Peak District accommodations at Quarry Walk Park by calling us on 01538 723412. You may also book accommodation or enquire more about our facilities and services by sending us an email at quarry@quarrywalklodges.co.uk.