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    Quarry Walk Park

    Set in a quiet area of woodland the many trails within our 46 acre boundary allow
    you to fully appreciate the surrounding scenery and abundance of wildlife.

Romantic Getaway Peak District

There are a variety of ways to spend the holiday or weekend with your partner. If you haven’t been away for too long because of the pandemic or your busy schedules, going for a nature trip would make a great option.

Going on a nature trip does not only give couples the opportunity to focus only on each other away from the fast-paced city life, overwhelming work duties and financial obligations, but it can also help you to destress, reboot, and recharge yourselves. You don’t need to be an adventurer to enjoy nature. However, spending some time with nature all around you can calm and reset your mind.

If you are looking for a good place for a romantic getaway with your partner, you should not overlook the Quarry Walk Park. Whether you want to hike, stroll, or simply walk with the stunning landscape and view of nature around you, it is the perfect place to go.

Situated near the astonishing nature park, getting accommodation at the Quarry Walk Park can help you achieve your desired romantic getaway Peak District. The abundance of wildlife and great scenery around you can help you connect as a couple and create lasting memories with your partner.

Relaxing Romantic Getaway Peak District

The Quarry Walk Park is a self-catering accommodation located near the Peak District. The area is surrounded by the beautiful scenery of nature and abundant wildlife.

We have a wide range of lodgings and cabins that accommodate different sizes of couples, families and groups. Our accommodations are complete with features and amenities that could let you enjoy your stay without being disturbed by technology and other distractions.

You and your partner can also enjoy a comfortable and glamorous camping experience with our luxurious glamping pods. Our glamping pods have everything you need for camping and will help you avoid the hassle of bringing and installing a tent, bed, etc. We also have a dedicated area to park caravans and motorhomes.

Besides accommodations, we also have many trails around the 46-acre boundary of woodland where you can fully appreciate the nature and abundance of wildlife.

Get more information about our range of accommodations by speaking to one of our knowledgeable staff. You may call us on telephone number 01538 723412. You may also enquire or book your accommodation through email and send it to quarry@quarrywalklodges.co.uk.