Reasons to Go For a Holiday Cabin Stay

Gone are the days when you only look for hotels to stay overnight when you visit a place as cabin stays have been getting more popular for holiday travellers these days. If you haven’t tried staying in a cabin before, you might be wondering if it is worth considering staying in one for your upcoming holiday trip.

To help you out, we have gathered some of the benefits of staying in a cabin for your holiday. Check this list out if you are having a hard time deciding whether or not to stay in a cabin.

Magnificent surrounding

More often than not, hotels are often located in areas with not many picturesque surroundings to enjoy looking out the window. Most hotels are in areas that are filled with lights from other building structures and busy roads.

Staying in a cabin will give you an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature without having to leave or walk for hours. All you need to do is step out on your veranda, and you will have the stunning beauty of nature to feast your eyes on.

Spending your holiday surrounded by the amazing view of nature and wildlife is far better than having the parking area and noisy neighbourhood as your view.


With a variety of cabin types to accommodate different sizes of groups, staying in log cabins provides the privacy that your family or group needs for an enjoyable and exclusive party or get-together. Most cabins are also equipped with hot tubs for relaxation as well as a good amount of space to walk around and relax, unlike hotels that only give space to sleep.

You can bring your pets

Most hotels and other accommodations aren’t pet-friendly which is why most travellers are having a hard time going on a vacation. Leaving your pets behind is not only risky but also heartbreaking.

Since log cabins are pet-friendly, you don’t have to worry about where to leave your fur babies while on a holiday trip. You can bring them and let them enjoy the holiday trip as well. With the beauty of the countryside, walking outdoors would be a great activity to spend your holiday with your pet.


Staying in a hotel, especially during the holidays can be exhausting. With hotels crammed with guests and noise, you might find it difficult to enjoy and relax on your trip.

Hidden away from the busy roads, log cabins offer the peace and tranquillity that many travellers are looking for. The tranquil atmosphere ensures a relaxing and peaceful stay for individuals, groups and families who wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. You won’t have to worry about your sleep getting disturbed by guests partying next room or walking past your door in the wee hours of the evening.

Quarry Walk Park

Looking for relaxing and peaceful log cabin accommodations for your next holiday trip in the West Midlands? Check out Quarry Walk Park. Surrounded by the amazing beauty of nature, we offer a wide range of log cabins and lodges for different sizes of groups.

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