Benefits of Choosing Holiday Log Cabins

Whether you are travelling to the West Midlands for a romantic getaway or a family holiday trip, staying in a self-catering log cabin is one of the best ways to enjoy the unique natural scenery of this picturesque location.

At Quarry Walk Park, our log cabins provide an excellent base for travellers who are in the area to visit some of the most breathtaking landscapes and take part in exciting activities during their holiday.

The West Midlands is famous for its amazing scenery and fun activities that adults and kids can enjoy. From hiking, biking, castle and museum visits, and many more activities – there are plenty of things to do in this area that would make your visit memorable.

By staying in one of our fully-furnished and well-equipped log cabins, you can spend an amazing holiday in the West Midlands no matter what time of the year you are coming.

Excellent customer service

At Quarry Walk Park, it is our mission to ensure that all our guests have an amazing stay in our accommodations. We work to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere the moment they arrive and throughout their stay. We also make offer advice on where to go and what activities to do and give them space to do just anything they want.

When in some unforeseen occurrences something goes wrong, we will do our best to help with the situation and put things back right as fast as possible.

Therapeutic Hot Tubs

Here at Quarry Walk Park, our wide range of cabins have everything you need for your stay such as a fully-equipped kitchen and bathroom, television, and barbecue. And most of the cabins also have private hot tubs for a guaranteed amazing and relaxing stay.

The proven therapeutic benefits of hot tubs can help you spend your holiday in the most relaxing and refreshing way possible.

Environmentally-Friendly Cabins

Our cabins here at Quarry Walk Park are constructed using sustainable materials and are run using highly eco-friendly and efficient systems. We always seek to preserve the beauty of the nature that surrounds our accommodations which is why we always ensure that all the waste is handled properly.

Contact Us

Should you want to know more about our wide range of log cabins and other types of accommodations at Quarry Walk Park, feel free to contact our office at 01538 723412 for more information and booking assistance.

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